A comprehensive management and control effort applied to the project, beginning in the early program planning stages and continuing through project completion. involves the application and integration of comprehensive project controls to the design and construction process

The knowledge and know-how acquired in the long standing practice by CASTELLANOS CASTRO ARQUITECTURA as a leading DESIGN and BUILDING firm,  ensure its ability to optimize your building project in Bogota. This applies to quality, cost as well as to terms of delivery,

High-performance management and information tools as well as multidisciplinary teams suited to each market allow CASTELLANOS CASTRO ARQUITECTURA to respond optimally to YOUR CORPORATE needs.

being one same design- construction firm allows us to offer better timings, shorter construction length and lower costs:

DB – Design Build, allows us to overlap design and construction schedules - We eliminate duplication of jobs, we lower decision making times, and architectural concepts are guarantied to be carried out through all the project.

For construction management we offer two modalities:

1)  AGENCY CM  -  (CM acts as a professional advisor in the construction process).
2) “AT RISK” CM – (CM’s role includes the construction performance function: the CM assumes additional obligations and will undertake construction responsibilities including the construction performance function, often under a guaranteed maximum price (GMP)